Freshservice Business Teams: Improving Teamwork and Collaboration

Freshservice is a popular cloud-based IT service management (ITSM) platform that helps companies provide internal support and manage IT operations more efficiently. One of the key features that sets Freshservice apart is its support for business teams. Freshservice makes it easy for companies to organize employees into different teams based on their roles, projects, or business functions. This enables improved collaboration, task management, and productivity across the organization.

Freshservice Business Teams

What are Business Teams in Freshservice?

Business teams in Freshservice refer to groups of agents and other employees who work together for common goals and projects. For example, a company may create separate teams for their sales department, engineering department, customer support department, and so on.

Freshservice allows admins to create any number of teams as per the company’s requirements. Each team can have its own set of agents, asset types, request types, approval workflows, and other customizations. Agents can belong to multiple teams at the same time.

Key Benefits of Using Business Teams

Here are some of the key benefits of using business teams in Freshservice:

Improved Collaboration

Teams in Freshservice provide a centralized space for agents and managers to collaborate on tasks, share information, and track progress. Team members can communicate via comments on requests, @mentions, and direct messaging. There is also a team-wide noticeboard for announcements.

Enhanced Task Management

Managers can use business teams to better coordinate work and delegate tasks among agents. Requests can be easily assigned to specific teams based on type and urgency. The team workload dashboard provides an overview of open tasks and agent productivity.

Customized Workflows

Each team can have its own request fulfillment processes, approval workflows, and agent permissions tailored to its function. For example, approvers and SLAs for a sales team can be different from an engineering team.

Focused Reporting

Freshservice offers detailed reports on team-based performance – number of requests solved, resolution times, CSAT scores etc. Such data helps managers identify inefficiencies and improve agent productivity.

Improved Customer Service

With team-based workflows, companies can ensure that requests are routed faster to agents with the right skills and resources. For example, technical issues can go directly to IT teams while order complaints can be handled by sales teams.

How to Create and Manage Teams in Freshservice

Admins can easily create, modify and delete teams in Freshservice based on evolving business needs. Here are some tips on setting up and managing teams:

  1. Create New Teams

Go to the Teams section and click the ‘New Team’ button. Enter a name, description and lead agent for the team and save.

  1. Configure Team Settings

Adjust the new team’s settings such as members, request types, access controls, escalation rules and notifications.

  1. Assign Agents

Use the ‘Members’ tab to designate agents as members of relevant teams based on their roles. Agents can be part of multiple teams.

  1. Delegate Administration

Appoint team leads to manage basic team functions like adding members or configuring settings without admin access.

  1. Manage Workload

Use workload dashboards to monitor team backlogs. Redistribute tasks from busy teams into teams with capacity.

  1. Create Team Goals

Set up shared goals for teams like first-response time, resolution time, CSAT targets etc to motivate agents.

  1. Track Performance

Generate reports to compare team metrics over time or with other teams. Address issues impacting team effectiveness.

  1. Audit Logs

Admins can monitor changes made within each team using audit logs for tracking and troubleshooting.

As companies grow bigger, using Freshservice teams allows them to scale operations in an organized manner while retaining flexibility. Well-configured business teams keep agents engaged, improve service delivery and ensure critical tasks don’t slip through the cracks. With robust collaboration and customization capabilities, Freshservice business teams can give a big boost to any ITSM initiative.

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