Get to Know More about International School in Jakarta with its Best Academic

Indonesia is known as the largest country in Southeast Asia and has become one of the continent’s rising economic stars. The capital of Indonesia, Jakarta is the home of international schools. It is best for you who move to Jakarta with your family to know the best international education for your kids. Below is the list of the best International schools in Jakarta you should know.

3 Best International Schools Jakarta for Your Children

  1. ACG School Jakarta

ACG School provides an education for Kindergarten to Year 13. This Cambridge International School is regarded as an option for students who are looking for international education in South Jakarta. ACG has a network of more than 64 outstanding schools worldwide. To produce value-driven results, this outstanding school provides the best learning outcomes.

This Cambridge School Jakarta also offers good academics, such as International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme or IB PYP, Diploma Programme or IBDP, Cambridge International Lower Secondary, IGCSE courses, and Kindergarten program for 3 years old students and above.

  1. BSJ School

Another International School in Jakarta that is recommended for your children is BSJ. BSJ offers unique learning techniques for students to break down unlimited opportunities for Kindergarten, Primary School, and Secondary School. The learning activity in BSJ is supported by experienced teaching faculty and counselors.

The curricula used by BSJ consists of an enhanced blend of international curricula which are the EYFS framework for Primary School and i/GCSE, and IB – MYP, CP & DP for Secondary Schools. The academics of BSJ are supported by experienced and highly qualified teaching faculties, a well-being framework, world-class facilities, extracurriculars, and character-building.

  1. Global Sevilla School

An international school that not only offers international-scale academics but also character-building is Global Sevilla School. It aims to produce bright and highly educated students that have personal positive characteristics. So, the graduate students of this particular school are expected to have talents, strengths, and skills, and be helpful to others.

The learning activity in this school uses a personalized approach to reach individual goals. Various activities are implemented in this Cambridge International School which allows students to work individually, in pairs, in groups, and as a whole class. Through those activities, students will not only master academics but also develop a positive character.

Above are the best International Schools in Jakarta known for their Best Academic. This is important for parents to choose a suitable school for children in Jakarta by knowing the academics that the children will take. For example, if you are looking for an International School which is good at both academic and character building is Global Sevilla School.

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