Amazing Benefits of Lemon for Skin Care

Amazing Benefits of Lemon for Skin Care – How to Use – Are you troubled with acne? And acne scars seems to be staying forever? Skin getting too oily? And you just noticed your first wrinkle? All these sound so nightmarish and we start hunting for one magical product to vanish every skin woes. But do you know, you can get that ‘magical cure-it-all’ ingredient in your pantry? Yes, go and grab a lemon. Lemon has amazing benefits for skin care and if you know how to use it, lemon can transform your skin like magic. Here is a dedicated article on the benefits of lemon for skin care and how to use the same. Lemon can vanish your acne and also smoothen your wrinkles, thanks to the abundance of vitamin C in it. Check below uses and benefits of lemon for skin care.

Lemon is known for anti acne skin care benefits. It comes with anti bacterial and anti microbial properties, which helps in fighting off acne and pimples.

Also the presence of phytoncides and vitamin P in lemon prevent bacterial growth effectively and help to maintain clear skin.

Lemon juice is rich in citric acid, which helps to exfoliate the skin and also unclogs the blocked pores.

Thus lemon helps to dry out existing acne and pimples as well as prevents future breakouts.

Lemon has significant anti aging skin care properties. It is a rich source of vitamin C, which has powerful anti oxidant qualities. Lemon helps in neutralizing the free radicals and protects our skin from various damages including premature aging.

Also it boosts collagen production and helps in maintaining the natural elasticity of the skin. Furthermore lemon has astringent properties. It shrinks the skin pores and contributes to skin tightening.

Lemon is jam packed with vitamin C, which works wonderfully for our skin. Vitamin C has anti oxidant benefits, which help significantly in skin lightening.

It flushes out the impurities from the skin and boosts new cell growth. Regular use of lemon helps to get clean and clear skin.

Furthermore, the astringent benefits of lemon juice makes it ideal to treat dark spots and acne scars. It shrinks the skin pores and thus minimizes the appearance of the scars.

Lemon offers natural bleaching benefits, thanks to the presence of citric acid. Citric acid exfoliates the skin, remove the dead skin cells and helps fresh, new skin cells to replace the damaged and pigmented ones.

Lemon is extremely effective in eliminating skin dryness. Citric acid exfoliates the skin and dissolves dead skin cells to help smoothen out rough texture of dry skin.

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