How Much Product Do You Really Need

If your skincare products are disappearing quicker than you can say Cleanse & Polish™, and you’re always running out of shampoo, there’s a good chance you’re using too much. While it’s by no means an exact science, we’ve compiled the below cheat sheet in conjunction with our expert therapists as a guide to help you find the right amount of product to use – from our gentle exfoliator to your favourite face serum.

How much cleanser to use?
It’s important to cleanse your face well to remove make-up, sebum and pollution.

Amount: 1-2 pumps (if you’re using a Cleanse & Polish™ pump) or a grape-sized amount if you’re using our Cleanse & Polish™ tube.

How much toner to use?

Use toner to effectively prepare your skin for moisturiser or serum. We recommend applying toner to a reusable face pad and sweeping over the skin so it feels damp, but not soaking wet.

Amount: A 50p piece-sized amount applied to a facial pad.

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